COVID-19 Update

At Shadrachs, we highly value our customer's safety, health, and well being. Recharging every customer for whatever obstacles they are facing in life is one of our highest held values as a company. That does not change for us in light of the future potential for a COVID-19 outbreak in our region.


While we continue to adhere to our company policies of cleanliness and sanitation, our staff will also increase the practices of hand washing and surface sanitation in accordance with CDC guidelines. We have also added policies to help ensure that any potentially ill staff member be kept safe and away from our kiosks to prevent the spread of illness. While this could in the future affect the speed at which you are served, we are working to diligently maintain quality and do our part to protect our community. 


As customers, there are ways you can help prevent the spread of illness as well. We recommend all customers to review the CDC website for safe practices to protect yourself and those around you.


This is a rapidly evolving situation that we are monitoring consistently and making policy changes whenever necessary. We will always keep the health and safety of our customers and staff as a top priority. Thank you for your support through every season. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a question or a concern.


-- Shadrachs Coffee

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