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One of the most frequent questions that we get at Shadrachs is what low carb, keto, or sugar free options we have. The drink combinations that we can create are endless! Many of the drinks on our menu can be made with less carbs or completely sugar free. Let's start with our sugar free flavor combinations.

Sugar Free Flavors

The following flavors can be made with sugar free syrups upon request.

- Caramel

- Vanilla

- Hazelnut

- Irish Cream

- Raspberry

- White Chocolate*

- Regular Chocolate*

*The chocolates are sugar free, but still have a good deal of carbs in them.


Sugar Free Specialty Drinks

The following drinks can all be made with sugar free syrups upon request.

- White Snickers Mocha

- Regular Chocolate Snickers Mocha

- Kahlua Kicker

- Starry Night

- Tuxedo

- Sweetheart Mocha

- Alpine Mocha


With the keto diet rising in popularity, we have many customers interested in the lowest carb options. Here, we have compiled a list of the milks we offer and their carb count per cup (8oz).


Milk Carb Count

Whole Milk - 11g per cup

Skim Milk - 11g per cup

Half & Half - 9g per cup

Coconut Milk - 10g per cup

Almond Milk - 9g per cup

Soy Milk - 6g per cup


If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask your barista for help or suggestions.

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