New Year, New You!


Every year, we use January as an opportunity to start fresh. Whether that's eating healthier, exercising more, focusing on relationships, or accomplishing a new work goal, we want to see you succeed. Our job is so much more than handing you a hot cup of coffee every morning. Our job is about making your life, your goals, and your passions easier in some way.


Many of our customers have expressed an interest in the nutrition facts of our drinks. This is so exciting for us to have the opportunity to help you reach new goals! We are here to help in absolutely any way we can.


Here are some ways that you can learn more about the nutrition in your drinks.



These guys are here to go the extra mile and make sure your drink meets your standards. Your barista can add up calories and/or make suggestions as to how you could cut calories or carbs from your favorite drinks.




If you don't feel comfortable  asking a barista to help you, send us a message via one of our social media outlets. We would love to help answer your questions. 


Over the next week, keep an eye out for a series of posts focused on making healthier drink choices!

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